My visit to Schorem (Scumbag Central)


Sitting inside Schorem i feel like i belong to something special, I arrived to hours before opening and was 9th in the cue, the shop opens at 11am the guy at the front got here at 8.15!!!! There's a buzz about this place i've never experienced before. 

You feel like you've stepped back in time when you walk in this place and all antiques and random stuff with old school barber chairs.  


There's not enough room for all the patrons to sit down, but this doesn't seem to bother anyone, just stand up sip your coffee, beer or if your lucky whiskey and watch these master barbers in action. 

They don't rush their work every cut is executed with a combination of technical perfection and craftsmanship, they love what they do take pride in every aspect of the cut and shave. I could sit here and watch these guys work for hours. 


The shop is the real deal. I feel lucky to be just sitting here observing and soaking up the atmosphere. This is a barbering mecca, that's why guys are happy to wait five hours. 

They don't do boring work if your not having a signature cut then you can go home, Don't take your girlfriend it's strictly no woman inside this place. 

The barbers are the perfect mix of gentleman and scumbag, straight outta prison or plucked of the streets and out of bars, trained up the schorem way impeccable manners, With one hand behind the back when applying shaving foam (class) but cut throat in hand, you wouldn't wanna fuck with them.

With attention to detail in every aspect of the shop, they didn't plan to be this big, they just wanted somewhere to do the work they love. Thats the key to the success they don't pretend to be anything thier not. They don't follow fashion but they love style. The signature haircuts have been research a lot and are timeless classics that all look cool as fuck.

I had the honour of having Bertus cut my hair, we had such a great chin wag about barbering techniques and ideas and all kinds of things,he gave me some great tips and advice. It was such an amazing experience all round. He's an icon a gentleman but mostly a true Scumbag!