Anthony's Barbershop

I wasn't aware of instagram until my girlfriend (@hollyrose8191) showed me it when we first started dating in august 2012. So i signed up. I didn't know at the time the benefits it would have on a professional level, it was just for the social thing of sharing a bit of my life with friends. 

Little did i realise that there's a massive community of barbers and hairdressers on here all sharing work all day every day from all over the globe. Never has it been easier to research, get inspired or in some cases just copy. I love following trends from different countries and believe we can all benefit and learn from each other, i see far too much negative remarks on peoples work and i'm not a fan of this. Being open minded as a barber/hairstylist is such a vital component to grow and evolve our skills set. Never say never. 

If you don't know  @Anthonythebarber916 then you ain't on instagram!!!!!! 

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One of the first barbers i started to follow Anthony is at the centre of this little barbering community, with over 100k followers this guy is known by most. Not only does he have great skills he also shares the skills of other barbers to his following, every thursday giving a shout out to a fellow barber which is a great and unselfish way to share other peoples talent and give them more recognition. 

So visiting Anthony's shop was high on my list of barbers to visit in the US, the shops in Sacramento! and to be honest it was the only reason i made a stop there. The shops located in a more surburban area but as soon as i see the graffitied logo on the side i get that excited feeling i get when i know i'm gonna be seeing something/someone special. 


The shop was busy and in full swing (tuesday morning) put your name down on the board then take a seat, the Premier league is on live, (Anthony's a Man Utd fan!!!!) the waiting time is around and hour. 


The place has a chilled vibe with some other real talented barbers in the team, their all super friendly and welcoming to me everyone gets involved in the chat. 

It's more new school than old which i like, it's not trying to hard to be cool.  Anthony started the shop on his own as the only barber and has built it up to around eighty to hundred clients a day between five of them now! That's impressive. The shop is a massive success because its quality work, from passionate barbers that love the trade and love being part Anthony's team. And it has a leader thats on the frontline day in day out. To many business owners/managers  just sit in the office counting the money. Lead by example, cut hair be the host and great barbers/stylist will be created.



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@anthonythebarber916 is the man but also check out his crew 

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