Andrew Does Hair

Andrew does a lot more than just hair, he does bloody great hair. Mens hair but he's not a barber. He's a hairdresser. 

His motto is 'Good hair doesn't come from a jar' which is funny considering he has his own very successful Product ADH Dry, but his styling tips will teach how to create good hair, ADH dry is just the finishing touch. When every one is obsessed with greased up, wet looking, pomade finishes, Andrew is doing the opposite. Not to purposefully be different but to keep to his own taste and not follow the crowd. (how many people post the same haircut everyday). 

When i reached out to people in America, Andrew was the most receptive. If you've read my previous blogs you'll see he organized a private seminar on my behalf with various amazing barbers which was a career highlight of mine. He took me on a tour of the place that produces ADH dry, we shared our experiences and ideas for the future. Sounds soppy but i know i've made a friend for life. 

We're from completely different backgrounds in life and we have  completely different taste outside of the hair world. But we have the same passion to do something in this industry, to share work to share knowledge to be open minded to embrace new skills, ideas and tastes from everyone from anywhere. 

The thing that i respect about Andrew the most is that all his success is because of him. He doesn't work for a big company he doesn't have his own shop. He works out of a very cool boutique salon outside of Los Angeles- he's fully booked for more than six weeks!!! But he's pretty much self taught. Thats impressive but he doesn't think like a regular person. The guys builds guitars and motorbikes in his spare time. So theres kind of a rawness to his work which i think is cool, his technical ability is from his mind not a cutting manual........UNIQUE! 

His instagram @andrewdoeshair is a great tool to use as a references of haircuts for guys, as its tasteful hair cut very well but styled amazingly. Not predictably. When your not afraid to not follow the rules then you learn more and you stand out even more. Andrew does this. 

By the way he's not paid me to blog this, i'm just writing when something is interesting to me. He is to me. He gave me advice that has changed how i feel about my own work and where i want to take it. Which is personal to me, but i know in his classes he teaches not only cutting techniques but also marketing and sales techniques.  If you get a chance take a course with him then why not......................your only gonna learn something. 

Remember "Good Hair doesn't come from a jar"